Hearing and eye protection are required by all shooters and observers once you enter the match area.

Cold Range

Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range is a cold range. Once you have entered the property at the gate all firearms are to be unloaded with no magazine inserted into any firearm. No ammunition (live or training) allowed in the firearm.

Violation of the cold range policy is grounds for immediate disqualification from the match and you will be asked to leave the range.

The proper time to load and unload your firearm will be covered during the briefing prior to the match.

Transporting Firearms

All firearms are to be carried in a case, holster (with no magazine), or on a “gun buggy” or cart with the muzzle pointed down towards the ground.

No shoulder carrying of rifles or shotguns. Slings will be allowed in the stage area for active use in the match. No hand carrying rifles or shotguns unless actively shooting a stage.

Use of slings and hand carrying firearms will be covered in the match briefing.

Pistol and Rifle Calibers Allowed

Pistol caliber must be 9mm and above. No .380 or .22’s allowed in the Ambush Action Series.
Rifle caliber must be .223/5.56 only. Barrel length must be 20″ and under.

Loading Firearms

Muzzles must be pointed down range or down at the ground and your finger off the trigger during the loading stage and when not actively engaging a target. When moving from cover or concealment, or during any movement forward or sideways from the starting shooting position the muzzle will be pointed down range or down at the ground and your finger off the trigger placed alongside and above the trigger guard. Range Officers will issue a verbal reminder or may issue an automatic disqualification from that stage or the entire match.


Dropping a loaded firearm at any time during the match is an automatic disqualification from that stage. Having a loaded magazine in the firearm before the command of load and make ready is an automatic disqualification of the entire match. Muzzle sweeping someone or breaking the 180 rule is an automatic disqualification for the entire match. No exceptions.

Engaging Targets

No targets shall be engaged forward of any pre-determined fault line. During the stage briefing the stage controller will dictate where the fault line is for that stage. Cover or concealment may serve as a fault line. Violations of shooting forward of the fault line will incur a one-minute penalty per occurrence added to the total time.


Ammo count for the match will be posted on our website along with the date of the next match. Round counts are the maximum needed. Bring a few extra rounds in case of misfires.

  • No steel shot allowed for shotguns. Only #6, #7, #7.5 or #8 shot allowed.
  • No armor piercing, tracer, green tip or steel core rifle ammo; we shoot at steel.
  • Hollow points are allowed for pistols.

Shooters using unauthorized ammo that causes damage to steel targets will be required to pay for repairs or replacement steel at the current market price.


Holsters must cover the trigger guard area. Serpa, Kydex, and drop-leg platforms are allowed. No inside the waistband holsters permitted (i.e., no conceal carry).

Slings are allowed for rifles, but the muzzle must remain pointed towards the ground when the sling is in use. No slings are needed for shotguns. Rifle slings will be needed during 2 gun matches.

Bipods are allowed for rifle stages.

No limits on magazine capacity for any firearms.

Be safe and have fun.