Oct 7th Team Sniper Match

The Sniper Team Match is designed to reproduce the conditions under which military snipers operate. Two riflemen work together as a team. During the match, each team member functions alternately as a shooter and a spotter. Only caliber restrictions are no .338 Lapua or .50 cals. Firing is done at distances of 300yds to 1,000yds from the prone position, semi prone and positional. Pistol shooting will be from 10yds to 50yds. If you need a teammate email info@frontlinedefenseusa.com.

Shooters may use any equipment they feel they might need but it must be carried the entire day while they are shooting. Tents, hammocks, sleeping bags do not have to be carried while shooting. Shooting team will have 30 minutes to complete the course of fire. This will be a 100% blind run. You have to get to point “A”, find your target in a marked zone, range it, send it. After both team mates have engaged the target, they will move to point “B”, find your target in a marked zone, range it, send it. This will continue till you either finish the course of fire or you run out of time. Besides shooting, there will be other tasks that the team needs to accomplish together. The farthest distance you will need to cover over ground in a 30 minute period is under 500yds. You will need to be able to walk very fast or a light jog. No sprinting. There will be pistol shooting involved as well, filling out a data range card, KIMS game and a few other surprises. All events add up for points. You don’t have to be the number one shooting team to win. Consistency pays off. Day one will consist of various skills along with a night shooting portion, rifle and pistol. Night vision not required, we will have targets illuminated. Camping on site is required. Tent not mandatory but highly suggested. In case of inclement weather (thunderstorm etc), there will be a covered bldg to retreat to. Safety first!

Food will be provided for dinner the first day. Second day breakfast will be provided. Water provided throughout the match as needed.
Check Zero Saturday at 7am
Brief 7:30am
Match starts at 7:45am
Day portion concludes late afternoon, then dinner
Night portion starts at dusk. No Night Vision devices needed.

Day 2 starts at 7am with breakfast
Match starts at 7:30am
12pm match is over and prizes awarded.
Prize table as vendors supply them.

Round count for Match is 60 rds rifle and 50 rds pistol. a rifle sling is required. Holster required for pistol. You will be carrying your pistol throughout the shooting portion of the match. You will need to have enough pistol mags to have 25rds at one time. Rifle 10rds. Range Finder by at least one teammate will be required.

All other gear requirements will be emailed out to registered shooters in a timely matter.
When you register below Please list the division of the person registering. In the comment section please put your teammates name and their division. Open is everything outside of .308/.30-.06/.300 win mag/.223/5.56. Tactical is .308/.30-.06/.300 winmag/.223/5.56
Match Fee is $200.00 per team entry. You will be the invoiced the $200.00 with in 24 hrs after registering 20 Teams max of two shooters per team.
If the match sells out, email info@frontlinedefenseusa.com to be added to a waiting list.

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