Feb 23rd-25th 2018 NRL

We are proud to be kicking off the first ever NRL Match (National Rifle League) on the East Coast February 23rd-25th 2018!
Shooters can expect distances from 200yds to 1,100 yds.
There is speed limit of 3,200fps for all calibers. Calibers allowed for this match are .224 to .308 If at anytime your speeds are in questioned, you will shoot through a LabRadar to verify your speed. If it’s over, automatic DQ from the match, no refunds.
This is a non refundable event. You may sell your slot to another person. If the match is sold out, email info@frontlinedefenseusa.com to be added to a waiting list.
For more information about the NRL visit their website NRL

Once you have created an account and registered, I will invoice you the same business day. If you are shooting 6.5/6mm/.260, etc please select open class. If you are shooting .308/.300/.223 please select tactical class. There are no separate divisions for these in this match, this is just an internal statistic I keep up with. It has no bearing on the match. Once you have paid the invoice you will receive a pin number to self squad yourself. You must squad yourself. If you do not self squad within 24hrs of the match, you will be put where ever to even out the squads. We have found that Google Chrome works best to use as the browser. Mozilla and Internet Explorer can cause problems

The closet hotel to the range is in Louisburg, NC. 30 minutes from the range. Here’s a link to their website. Days Inn
Other hotels can be found in Wake Forest NC and Raleigh NC. Both are a hour away from the range.

Range Address is:
Frontline Defense
1060 Ernest Turner Rd
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: 919-605-8350/strong>
This is not a mailing address.

Lunch provided Saturday and Sunday
Zero Check and data gathering on Friday out to 1,000yds
Round count is 200rds
20 stages
limited to 100 shooters at this time.

Friday February 23rd
11:00AM registration/checking zero and data gathering on the 1,000yd range. No other stage areas can be viewed. Friday is the only day you can check zero.
Friday you will receive the course of fire after you are finished shooting for the day.
No re entry outside of the 100yd zero range will be allowed after you receive the COF.

Saturday February 24th
6:30AM Range is open
7:30AM Match Brief
8:00AM Rounds down range
12:00PM Lunch and water provided

Sunday February 25th
7:00AM Range is open
7:30 Match Brief
8:00AM Rounds down Range
12:00PM Lunch and water provided
Match completion, FREE BEER, Cook out, Trophies and prize table

You must be a logged in member to register for a match. Please either login below or Register today. If you already have an account for this site, please login here:

If you do not have an account, please read the following and register using the link below:
  • First you MUST complete the account registration which requires you to register a user name and email. The account registration IS NOT the match registration.
  • You will then receive a confirmation at the email you provided and a temp password will be issued to you. Once you have successfully completed the registration for an account that user name and password will be what you use EVERY TIME you register for our events.
  • All shooters must create their OWN account and use it to register for our matches and payment MUST be made online.
  • The online registration will put you in a squad and on the score list.
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE MIGHT BE A FEW SMALL GLITCHES AS WE START UP THIS NEW SYSTEM. If you experience any technical difficulties, please Contact Us immediately.