Aug 26th Registration

Registration is for the August 26th 22PRL Match. This is for 22LR only. NO other calibers allowed. There are two divisions. Open class and Tactical Class.
All 22LR Precision Rifle League Matches will have targets engaged out to 300 yards. Whether it’s a team event or an individual event, everyone should have optics on their firearm.

After registering you will be invoiced and after paying you’ll be able to self squad. This first match will be for 16yrs old and older. Future dates will have the younger shooters involved.

There is a Open Division and a Tactical Division. The rifle you start the match with is the same rifle you must finish the match with. If repairs need to be made to your firearm, time can be allocated for a repair, but you must be ready to shoot the next stage when your name is called. If you are not present, then you default that stage, not the entire match.

All Rifles will be inspected at Registration to ensure you are in the right division.

Open Division .22LR only! Sporter/hunting barrel style rifle. Semi-automatic or bolt gun. If you have any muzzle device (Brake, Flash Hider, Suppressor,) you are in the Tactical Class. Example, Ruger 10/22, lever action, fixed front sight blade on end of the barrel. Optics highly recommended. No tripods. All shooting bags allowed.
Tactical Divsion .22LR only! Heavy/bull barrel style rifle. Semi-automatic or bolt gun. Example, CZ455, Savage B22 FV Series, custom builds. Optics highly recommended. No tripods. All shooting bags allowed.

7:00am Range opens and Zero check
7:45am Safety Brief
8:00am Match
3:00pm Match ends/awards
Round count 100rds
Fee is $30.00

You must be a logged in member to register for a match. Please either login below or Register today. If you already have an account for this site, please login here:

If you do not have an account, please read the following and register using the link below:
  • First you MUST complete the account registration which requires you to register a user name and email. The account registration IS NOT the match registration.
  • You will then receive a confirmation at the email you provided and a temp password will be issued to you. Once you have successfully completed the registration for an account that user name and password will be what you use EVERY TIME you register for our events.
  • All shooters must create their OWN account and use it to register for our matches and payment MUST be made online.
  • The online registration will put you in a squad and on the score list.
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE MIGHT BE A FEW SMALL GLITCHES AS WE START UP THIS NEW SYSTEM. If you experience any technical difficulties, please Contact Us immediately.