All scores will be straight times plus any penalties incurred during the match. Any disputes will be taken up with the controller and, if needed, the match director in a respectful and professional manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from future matches and use of the range. Our goal is to be safe and have fun.

Scoring Categories

You will know before the match the minimum/maximum ammo requirements for all firearms. Our matches are designed around the concept of one shot one kill. Some targets may require 2 shots, which would equal 2 kills. You do not get to shoot at a target until you hit it. This is designed for accuracy, not just speed. So if a target has only the head and/or 20% or less of the body exposed, it will be a head shot — one shot is all that is required.

  • Shots on steel may require only one to two shots.
  • Knock over plates are engaged with shotgun and handgun ONLY.
  • Various poppers, static plates, and plate racks are engaged with rifle, handgun, or shotgun.
  • Clay targets are engaged with shotgun ONLY.

Stage brief will dictate scoring and sequences.

Shots must hit the area dictated in the stage brief. Controller has final say in score.

Hit You hit the target in the designated area. 0 seconds
Miss You did hit the target with one shot. Each missed shot is a penalty. 10 seconds
Collateral You hit a target that was not part of the course of fire. 10 seconds

Any shots on hard cover, barricades, or concealment stands that pass through and hit the target will not count. Shots must be clearly visible from the front via direct line of sight.If a target is only to be engaged with one shot, the score will be noted as either Confirmed or Miss. This applies to paper and steel targets.


All scores will be raw times plus any penalties incurred during the match.

C = Confirmed | M = Miss |COL = Collateral | B = Bonus | P = Points

Final score is determined by confirmed shots (C) plus points (P).
Points are determined by fastest time (Total) and most confirmed shots (C).

Tied Rankings

In the event of a tie all shooter rankings will remain as is until the mid-season or year-end championship where all tied shooters will compete in a shoot out. At any point during the season, shooters tied for rankings can challenge each other to break the tie. No additional points will be awarded. All challenge matches will be set up by Frontline Defense at the next scheduled Ambush Action match.

Divisions & Championships

At the halfway point of the season (March) all shooters scores will reset to zero. The top-ten division from the first half of the season will then compete for year-end prizes, the second half of the field will compete for their division. At the end of the year (September) the top two shooters from each division will compete for the title of Ambush Action Series Top Shooter in a four person, year-end championship.