All scores will be straight times plus any penalties incurred during the match. Any disputes will be taken up with the controller and, if needed, the match director in a respectful and professional manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from future matches and use of the range. Our goal is to be safe and have fun.

You will know before the match the minimum/maximum ammo requirements for all firearms. Our matches are designed around the concept of one to two rounds per target. You do not get to shoot at a target until you hit it. This is designed for accuracy, not just speed. So if a target has only the head and/or 20% or less of the body exposed, it will be a head shot — one shot is all that is required to get a confirmed hit.

Example Score

Our philosophy is designed around a one shot one hit scenario. 5 targets requiring only one confirmed hit, some targets may require two attempts to get two hits. Max round count needed is 10 rounds, minimum is 5 rounds. You shoot the whole stage in 65 seconds and run it clean, that’s your total score for that stage, 65.

Next stage has 5 targets and it requires two hits per target, only 10rds needed. You take the first shot and miss it’s 30 seconds added to your time. You hit it the second shot, no time added. You miss it the second shot then it’s another miss, 30 seconds added. Now you have your raw time plus 60 seconds added.

Same stage but you had 9 hits and a miss, raw time plus 1 miss(30 seconds)


Points will be awarded based on a percent report automatically generated in PractiScore. We are working on a NC based club series with our range and another. Details to emerge soon.

Tied Rankings

In the event of a tie all shooter rankings will remain as is until the year-end championship where all tied shooters will compete in a shoot off if there is still a tie after the final match. Match set up will be controlled by Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center & Range.