Divisions/Stage Prep


All 22LR Precision Rifle League Matches will have targets engaged out to 300 yards. Whether it’s a team event or an individual event, everyone should have optics on their firearm.

There is a Open Division and a Tactical Division. The rifle you start the match with is the same rifle you must finish the match with. If repairs need to be made to your firearm, time can be allocated for a repair, but you must be ready to shoot the next stage when your name is called. If you are not present, then you default that stage, not the entire match.

All Rifles will be inspected at Registration to ensure you are in the right division.

Open Division .22LR only! Sporter/hunting barrel style rifle. Semi-automatic or bolt gun. If you have any muzzle device (Brake, Flash Hider, Suppressor,) you are in the Tactical Class. Example, Ruger 10/22 sporter barrel, lever action, fixed front sight blade on end of the barrel. Optics highly recommended. No tripods. All shooting bags allowed.
Tactical Divsion .22LR only! Heavy/bull barrel style rifle. Semi-automatic or bolt gun. Example, CZ455, Savage B22 FV Series, custom builds. Optics highly recommended. No tripods. All shooting bags allowed.

You can switch divisions during the season, but your points do not carry over to the other division. A shooter cannot shoot two divisions in the same match.

Stage Preparation

Shooter Make Ready

You will be given the command of load and make ready. At this time, you may load your magazine into your firearm and chamber a round, safety on, and re-holster (pistol). Rifles will have their own setup per the controller of that stage. To indicate you are ready, you must verbally reply you are ready (or other indicators as determined by the stage controller). Once the stage controller observes you are in the ready position, you will hear the command shooter ready, stand by. If you are ready, wait for the timer or device to signify you may start shooting the stage. If you are not ready, simply tell the stage controller.

There may or may not be a set prep time for the particular stage you are shooting. The use of range finders to determine the various distances of the targets will be permitted. You will know the size of the targets you are engaging. Course of fire (COF) will be sent out the evening before the match.

Communication between team members is permitted. Coaching others, calling out D.O.P.E. except for a new shooter (First Match) can lead to an automatic disqualification. This is a competition!