FLD Shooting Competition Series

22LR Precision Rifle League

The .22LR Precision Rifle League – 22PRL, is exactly that! .22LR only. It is designed to introduce participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. All levels of target shooters are welcome to compete. There will be divisions for children and adults along with equipment divisions. Shooters will engage steel targets out to 300yds. Course of fire will be designed just like the large rifle caliber PRS/Long Range Sniper Matches. Same positional stages and props that are currently used in the Absolute Zero Sniper Matches. 90 second par time and every shot counts for a point. One shot, one hit concept.
Spectators are welcome. No charge, bring hearing and eye protection.

Absolute Zero Sniper Matches

A new long-range precision rifle shooting competition series offered at Frontline Defense. Matches will consist of individual and team events. Shots taken will be out to 1,000yds. From the new shooter to the seasoned shooter, all levels of experience are welcomed. The philosophy of one shot one kill is implemented. Please review the divisions and rules section before registering. Spectators are welcome at no charge, bring hearing and eye protection.
Frontline Defense’s Absolute Zero Sniper Matches are part of the PRS Club Series. Each Absolute Zero Sniper Match (1 day match) counts as points towards the PRS Club Series Southeastern Region. We also are running our inner club series with other ranges. Call for more details. Free to create a shooter profile and track your standings all year.

Ambush Action Series

Ambush Action Series (or AAS) is a competitive shooting series offering a variety of gun matches, regardless of skill level, we are all here to be safe and have fun. We don’t care what gear you run — drop-leg holsters, red dots or 30 round pistol mags — bring whatever you want. Competitions include 3 gun matches, 2 gun matches, and pistol matches. AAS matches are usually held the 3rd weekend of each month. Dates are subject to change. Please check our calendar 24 hours prior to event. Spectators are welcome. No charge, bring hearing and eye protection.